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Real Food is pure yet unchanged by man.
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I live a Keto Low carb life style and Sukrin make this possible.
Their products taste like the real thing but with out all the nasties that are destroying our bodies.
Sukrin Australia & NZ carries a range of all-natural, zero-calorie and low-carb sugar alternatives, naturally gluten-free and fat-reduced flours, low-carb, sugar and gluten-free bake mixes and delectable, sugar-free chocolates.
The Sukrin range of products is perfect for those wanting to live a healthier life and even more so for those needing a special diet without gluten, low in carbs and without sugar. All products are as natural, unprocessed and healthy for you as we can possibly make them – and fantastic new products are introduced.
Have a look around and use the above link as this is where you will find the Sukrin items that I refer to in my recipes