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Keto - Spice of life March


Come along and learn some simple and nourishing and also delicious recipes that are Keto Compliant using natural foods, herbs, spices,seasonings and Culinary oils..

I will share and show you some of my fantastic meals, snacks and dessert’s over a series themed interactive demonstration style cooking classes.

In the Spice of Life - I’ll show you how to make:

  1. Spiced Chicken budda bowl with a tahinni dressing
  2. A Salted Spiced nut mix 
  3. Lebanese Zaatar Flat bread
  4. Easy Spiced Beet Crackers
  5. No Bean Hummus with pork crackle crumb
  6. Turkish Delight Mousse with Pistachio Chocolate Bark

A Tasting plate & light refreshments will be provided along with a copy of all the recipes with the Nutritional information showing all the macros for each serve.

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