Is Simple & unprocessed, Whole food.

Real Food is pure yet unchanged by man.
   Real Food Made Easy


 Wholesome & Nourishing Real Food! 


I am a Home Cook that believes that we should be fuelling our bodies with only the best nourishing foods that nature can offer, as this is key to an active and happy & healthy lifestyle.
After many years of serious health issues we are huge believers that real whole foods are the key to achieving and sustaining radiant health and wellness.

 My Mission

My Mission is to help get people eating more from the earth and not a box, by making real food, comfort food easy. Eating directly from Nature.

All my items are homemade and prepared with fresh produce & unprocessed ingredients 
I care about what goes into your body. 

Low Carb , Gluten & Grain  Free - Perfect for gut and brain health.